Lorenza Panero is a Colombian-American visual artist whose work explores the relationship between humans and their environment. Her work focuses on capturing fleeting moments and experiences that are typically unseen and intangible. By doing so, Panero creates evocative landscapes that blur the line between realism and abstraction.

Her practice is informed by language and its manifestations in poetry and in music. Translation is a constant human activity that determines the nature of communication and understanding, and defines the capacity of the individual to speak through time to the past and to the future. Principally with painting and photography, and in particular her work with luminography (unique camera-less light-filled images created in the darkroom), Panero creates a world that depicts a geography of emotional reality, rather than a literal representation of the physical world. She explores the possibilities and limitations of the natural and built environment, generating tension between the identifiable and the abstract. Her methodology combines performative methods to manipulate the elements of change and inertia that shape our experiences.

Panero's work is multi-layered and complex, using both identifiable and abstract imagery to create intimate landscapes and spiritual geographies that challenge our perceptions of reality. Her work is held in high esteem in private and public art collections, and she divides her time between her studios in Bogota and New York.


Luminograph (unique camera-less image), 2006

44 X 38 X 1.5 inches