Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of vulnerability and survival. It comes from my own experience and is bound to a difficult history of country: the tropic, in her mountains and valleys, her waters and oceans, her plains and jungles, all construct the land I know. Growth and change, and a permanent presence of violence create the reality I want to reflect.

Exploiting weakness and strength, my practice is defined by the visual lexicon of nature. Language is simply a tool with which to describe knowledge and mark a territory: every space demands its own idiom, each expression a compound of signifiers acting to articulate what is learned and what is remembered. It is poetry, it is emotion, it is experience.

Light is every color, revealing and hiding fictitious yet tangible realities. The works are spaces to be wandered into, to be lived in, and to go beyond those limits and to enter the profound space of the soul.

Every mark, every element exists in a space with its own life and autonomous movement. The essence lies in the encounter with the fragility of passing time and the fundamental nature of matter.

Lorenza Panero, 2023


Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2022

42.5 x 39 inches