Lorenza Panero is a multidisciplinary Colombian American artist working in photography, painting, sculpture and installation. At present she divides her time between her studios in Bogota, Colombia and New York. Her work is prominent in several private and public art collections.

Panero fixes images of realities that are impermanent, contained in time and space unseen, which exist only as captured and recorded by the artist. As such, Panero works in fictional landscape, the result of a lifelong exploration of our relation to the natural and built environment, while generating a tension between abstraction and realism that is integral to her work.

Within a photographic context, Panero’s work moves from photograms of shadow to luminographs of light. While photography remains firmly identified as a recorder of truth, in fact it has evolved towards imagery of desire. The visualization of landscape of possibility and limitation depicts a geography of emotional reality. Through what can only be described as a secret performance, in a darkroom pitch black, the physical act of construction replicates the elements of change and inertia that shape our experience.

Lorenza Panero works in making tangible the invisible through a multi-layered process which juxtaposes identifiable and abstract imagery to describe inner landscapes and spiritual geographies.


Oil on canvas, 2022