The mystery of our origin is a wonder reflected in our capacity to create narratives to explain it, and the most enduring is the concept of Paradise. In this first iteration of my focus on the garden of our beginnings, four pieces are set in space to replicate what that experience is: Enigma Cálido (Warm Enigma), a living wall of snake-tongue ferns, Ribera Luminosa (Luminous River), a transparent and light-filled path representing our voyage through the world, Momentos de Reflexión (Moments of Reflection), transparent monotypes marking pauses in life, and Bendición Nocturna de Amor (Evening Prayer of Love) which marks the end of the day as well as the end of life.

The Garden of Eden, the original paradise, becomes a comforting memory of origin, a geographic truth in space and time, and Paradise comes to signify everything that we love, everything that gives us comfort and encouragement, yet exists only in the mind, a conceptual space, the place where we sleep, the blue resonance of the night.